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One of the oldest yet still most effective online strategies and it is also one of the most commonly discussed marketing strategies. It is one of the most effective marketing channels to promote your product or service. Every day, companies use emails to do business. If you know how to plan a good email campaign, you will see the tremendous results from it.

One of the biggest advantages of marketing through emails is that it allows you to reach global potential customers with minimum effort. There is no geographical boundary when it comes to email marketing. Email marketing is definitely the cheapest even though it is still possible to reach global audience with other offline advertising channels like radio, TV and other printed media.

Launching email marketing campaign is definitely cheaper compared to other marketing channels. In most cases, you already have your own subscribers. Hence, you do not need to pay to get a mailing list. The many you need to spend to send emails is very low. Usually an email will cost less than a cent. As you can see, the cost is very minimal to launch an email marketing campaign.

Although there are so many advantages you can get from email marketing, you also need to plan carefully especially your content so that your email won’t be trashed or ignored. Read this article for more details: